Company Introduction

Smart & Safety Embedded is a team of young entrepreneurs presently operating in The Incubator GIK Institute Topi. We are the first ever startup in Pakistan which is working on a dashboard Environment for vehicles having features of Driver’s Sleepiness Alert, Driver’s Distraction Indication and Recording of the video surveillance of the vehicle’s surrounding for investigation purposes. ssembeds are on the road to make it a complete dashboard solution for driver’s safety and assistance.



Our Vision is to bring safety of lives and property by empowering the individuals with the smartness of technology.


We are on the Mission of Enabling the individuals to be protected and travel safely. Moreover, to showcase the recognition of technology by saving lives and properties of our stakeholders.

Quick Video Pitch Here: LQMQHQ


  • On daily basis, Road accidents cause more than 3000 fatalities in which more than 10 % are due to sleepy drivers.
  • Limited means of evidences of roadside misshapes occurs with vehicles or passengers.



Our Product (solution)

We introduce a Dashboard Environment for vehicles with Safety and Assistance applications.

It is a portable and standalone physical device with a front camera for sleepiness detection and instantly an alarm is activated if the driver is sleepy. The system is intelligent enough to recognize the driver’s distraction and indicate to be focused. A back camera that is adjustable to be placed at any angle on dashboard which save the video recording for investigative purposes.

The deployment of this device will bring safety of passenger’s lives, sustain the environment and infrastructure and a strong evidence for investigation.

Smart & Safety Embeddded - 2



  • Good user interface through touch scree LCD Screen and a layout with options of setting up the cameras preview according to users, and instantly interrupt or restart any application
  • More than 93 % accuracy
  • Monitor the Driver 13 times in one second, hence reliable
  • Intelligence in the Indication for careless driver behavior
  • Can save up to 200 hours of video recording, distributed in 1 hour episode each with the date and time mentioned in its name, and automatically delete previous videos (older then 7 days)

Our Customers

  • Logistic Companies
  • Transporters Companies
  • Energy Companies (Oil and Gas)
  • Every individual having a vehicle

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